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Travel Medication Specialist

Forest Urgent Care

Urgent Care & Board Certified Emergency Physician & Medical Doctor located in Forest Hills, NY

Nothing is more exciting than traveling to another part of the world. Unless, of course, you get sick. Forest Urgent Care Forest Hills, Queens provides vaccinations and medications to help you stay well while traveling so you can enjoy your trip. Call or book an appointment online. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Travel Medication Q & A

Who needs travel medication?

If you’re traveling out of the country, whether it’s to Bermuda or Bosnia, you should schedule an appointment for an evaluation and update your vaccinations. In addition to medication, the team at Forest Urgent Care provides health safety recommendations for your specific destination.

What can I expect during a visit?

The travel medication appointment may not be all that different from a physical appointment. During the examination, the team at Forest Urgent Care may reviews your medical history, along with medications, and your vaccination records. This information is used to help the team develop a safe travel plan to keep you healthy while abroad.

In addition to updating your vaccinations, such as your tetanus, flu, or pneumonia shot, the team may recommend specific vaccinations depending on your destination, such as:

  • Typhoid
  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever

Forest Urgent Care recommends you schedule your appointment as soon as your itinerary is set so you can get all the necessary vaccinations in sufficient time before your travel.

What about medication when I travel?

In addition to the vaccinations, Forest Urgent Care may also recommend you travel with antidiarrheal or anti-malarial medications.

The team can also provide guidance on how to bring your prescription medications on the trip, as well as provide information on the legality of your medication at your destination.

Additionally, the team can teach you how to take your medication when traveling through different time zones to help regulate your medical condition and prevent any unnecessary symptoms or illness.

What other health concerns should I be aware of?

Forest Urgent Care wants you to stay well on your trip and provide the most up-to-date travel information to your area of destination. For example, if you’re traveling to Brazil, the team may talk to you about signs and symptoms of yellow fever, and recommend you avoid petting stray animals and be diligent about washing hands.

If you’re traveling to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the team may discuss signs of altitude sickness and provide guidance on how to treat the symptoms to prevent illness.

The experts at Forest Urgent Care offer guidance on what to do when you get sick abroad and how to find a safe healthcare provider.

For all your travel health needs, call or book an appointment online.