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Walk-in Service

Forest Urgent Care specializes in treating most types of illnesses and injuries for all age ranges, pediatric or geriatric and everyone in between. We’re also your convenient place for physicals and vaccinations for work or school needs. Forest Urgent Care has convenient, in-office x-ray and lab facilities. This means you’ll get more medical services at our facilities than most other types of medical clinics. Our main Doctors are board certified Emergency Medical Physicians. The attention and care you get from one of our physicians is second to none. Forest Urgent Care’s Physicians have over 15 years of emergency room experience and have graduated with honors from some of the top medical schools.

It’s faster, easier and simpler to get the medical care at Forest Urgent Care. Just walk into one of our conveniently located facilities in Forest Hills or Long Island City, Queens. Register online or give us a call if you have any questions. Our Forest Hills clinic can be reached at (718) 268-6808. Call (347) 318-5488 for our Long Island City clinic.

Illnesses & Injuries

We treat many illnesses & injuries from cuts, burns, sprains & strains to colds & flu, stomach aches, asthma, STD screening & testing.

Physicals & Vaccinations

Your one-stop source for school and job-related physicals like DOT exam TLC exam with required test ( lab & Drug screen) and vaccinations including flu vaccines.

Pediatric Care

Long stays with a sick infant in an emergency room is every parent’s worst nightmare. We treat your child’s most immediate medical needs fast.

Geriatric Care

Seniors represent the majority of Americans who seek medical care on a regular basis. You need someone who understands your special medical needs.

On-site X-ray

Our all-digital x-ray technology means less exposure to harmful radiation normally associated with traditional film x-rays and zero wait time to get the results; they appear instantly on the computer for immediate analysis.

Lab Services

Our in-office lab facilities mean you don’t have to make another appointment in another facility to get blood or urinalysis tests. At Forest Urgent Care, we know your time is valuable and feeling better just can’t wait.


Forest Urgent Care’s commitment to our patients extends beyond their first visit. We provide comprehensive aftercare services to help make sure you continue on your way to a state of complete health and wellness. Follow-up visits to our walk-in clinics couldn’t be simpler. Results of common medical tests can be given to you over the phone. If you need a follow-up visit, our trained medical professionals can help find the time that is most convenient for you.

If you require services from a specialist, we can provide you with the necessary references to help make that process as smooth as it can be. We can also assist you with getting pre-approvals or preauthorization from your insurance company for specialized services such as MRI scan, CT scan, ultrasound, allergy tests and more.

Our walk-in clinics have been taking care of the health needs of the community for over 10 years. We’re committed to providing quality, comprehensive healthcare, at a price that keeps your financial health a priority as well.


Faster, easier and simpler to get the medical care.

Just walk into one of our conveniently located facilities in Forest Hills or Long Island City, Queens.

Register online or if you have questions, give us call us at (718) 268-6808 for the Forest Hills location, or (347) 318-5488 for the Long Island City clinic.




Full list of insurance

Forest Urgent Care accepts most major insurances.


You can save time by signing up online with our free and easy check-in service by Click here to book online.